Monday, May 03, 2010

Animation Mentor weeks 4 and 5.

Weighted Ball Bounce and Obstacle Course from Matt Long on Vimeo.

Here is my animation from week 4 and week 5. The assignments were a heavy and light ball bounce (no squash and stretch enabled on the ball rigs,) and a ball capable of squash and stretch bouncing through an obstacle course. Both were limited to 120 frames. The obstacle course took longer than I anticipated, it's difficult maintaining those arcs and not going through the geometry while making timing and spacing adjustments.

Week 5 had a sketch/pose assignment due as well, we were supposed to show somebody feeling devastated. It kind of looks like he lost an eyeball now that I look at it, I should add one to his lower hand.


Raymond Santos said...

i really enjoy watching your videos in the nude... oooops i mean. great stuff matt! really cool.

Matthew Long said...

Hah, just don't go watching my videos while wearing a gimp suit. I hear they chafe.

Sal Lopez said...

Hey Matt, okay I guess I just found out you're doing Mentor. Very cool, I guess I'm hooked to your blog, although not in the nude ha.

How about some clever blog post names here are a few for free:

The Long Blog Post.
Long Time No Post.
Blog on a Matt.
Long, Matt Post

Very cool posts man!

Eric Royal said...

Great stuff Matt, reminds me that I need to post my stuff on my blog too. I love your week 5 assignment I couldn't figure out how to fit more fun stuff in there and keep nice timing, Great job.

Your 2d stuff is amazing!
See you in class.

Tal Moscovici said...


I was gonna say, pose 10 just looks like me when I ponder what to eat next. "Hmm, neighbor's newborn or Jehovah's Witnesses".

Personally I like pose 9; I think a variation of it (less vengeful perhaps) could have worked well, uhh, as well.