Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Generator Rex Premiere

The show I've been a part of for almost a year now as a production assistant is gearing up (pun not intended) for it's big premiere this Friday the 23rd at 8:30pm right after the new Ben10 premiere. Generator Rex is a really ambitious show and we're doing things that you don't usually see in American TV animation, like slow motion action sequences, hand-held camera type moves, detailed anime-inspired BGs, licensed music from a real band and more. So check it out.

You can find some stuff online already, like there is a free music video of the theme song on iTunes available right now: Link

Here's a promo that's been available for some time now:

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Tal Moscovici said...

Woo, it's about time man. Can't wait and watch it so that I may direct all my insults and harsh critique towards a person not involved with the show's look.....uhhh, you.

By the way, keep posting the AM stuff. Poses are good; NOW MAKE 'EM MOVE!!