Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I know, I'm slow.

Well, it's better late than never right? Well I've started a new traditional animation test, something for me to work on when Maya beats down my will to animate. Also I hope to actually take it to completion this time. So I'm revisiting my character Ciro, the seafaring reluctant hero. (Not a pirate, but close) So I started to sketch him again a little, try to improve some of my earlier drawings of him, I still have some work to do, James Lopez's crits of him made it look so easy.
I also did some preliminary thumbs of how to stage the animation, some of the possible poses and what sort of business he does in the scene. I'll thumbnail more in the next few days to figure out my key poses, right now it's just exploration.

This test is similar to the first one I had started but this time without all the walking in 3/4 in perspective, and a bit more fun. He's going to jump down into the cargo hold of a large ship, motion for a crew member to toss him down a sack of some heavy material, flour or grain perhaps. And then he'll place it on top of a barrel. It'll slide off the barrel, being tired of it Ciro leaves it, and returns up to the deck of the ship. I'm thinking about 30 seconds total.