Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Soccer kids animation

Soccer boys animation from Mlong128ir on Vimeo.

This animation pretty much speaks for itself. It was the first animation I did at July Films not for any production, just for my own practice under Mike's guidance and took seemingly forever. I re-did so many parts of it and made many dumb decisions. For one, I didn't plan it out too well and it started to snowball out of control, luckily I found a way to wrap it up in the end. I also analyzed my movement when acting things out and animated that rather than finding the force and animating the feeling I felt acting it out, so it came out mechanical. I learned so much from this animation about what not to do as well as made some discoveries that will help in the future. If you watch it you'll notice it loosens up as the animation progresses towards the end with the runs, this is because I didn't work the whole thing all at once and refine it but instead worked on it in sections from beginning to end. So the last part with the runs was animated much later than the beginning when I started to loosen up and get a feel for the characters. Not a very good thing to do as it makes everything seem disjointed and ruins the pacing.