Monday, July 27, 2009

Comic Con Books

I made it out to Comic Con this Sunday, and picked up a few books. I wanted more but it was difficult getting around to it all in one day while sticking together as a group in the crowds. My biggest disappointment was forgetting to pick up Torch Tiger.

I finally picked up the FLCL groundworks book after all these years of putting it off.

I dropped by Stuart Ng to check out the French books, so I picked up the Skydoll process/sketch book and discovered the amazing Spirit et Fantasio, number 48 in which the title translates to "The man who didn't want to die." I wish these would be translated, I guess only one was back in 95 and is out of print. It has some awesome and expressive drawings and is an extremely fun cartoony adventure. I also happened across Guarnido's book, at Stuart Ng, had to get it, Blacksad Vol 1 and 2 constantly blow me away with their amazing watercolors and drawings when I dust them off from time to time.

Rounding out the list are the only domestically published books I bought. The always amazing Chris Sander's sketchbook now at number 3 and Jose Lopez's 4:00am complete with a full page sketch of the Mariachi Samurai.

Each year the quantity dwindles due to the growing level of print quality, and the increasing presence of expensive imported books.

Small update

Hey guys, just updated my links list to include my fellow CN crew, well those who had sites or blogs I was able to find using Google. Check them out, it's a really talented crew.