Wednesday, June 03, 2009

It's been too long

It's amazing how fast time between posts seems to go, so I figured I need to update with something. So here are a few sketches of an idea I've been kicking around for awhile, it's a re-imagining of Robin Hood during the the early years of the gun in France (pre-musketeers so probably the 16th century). The Robin character may look familiar, he's made a few appearances on the blog way back in various incarnations.
Robin, found out at the age of 8 he's a descendant of the legendary Robin Hood decided to take on the mantle of the outlaw to once again help his fellow man. A bit of a fool, but a highly agile one. This would be Little John, the gruff blacksmith with a heart of gold. Won't even attempt to make one of those crude guns the run-of-the-mill blacksmiths have been going nuts over. Gerard, a distant relative of some rich lord who believes he's a hero of the people but is really an unlikeable pompous nitwit, and always trying to show up Robin and mostly failing.

I've started working on a new action series at Cartoon Network as a production assistant, and some of the prop guys introduced us to Google Sketchup. So after hours while waiting for Miyuki to get off work, I created this tudor-style inn to go along with the Robin Hood theme. Cool program, I suggest everyone try it out, especially since the basic version is free. If I end up using this for anything I'll draw over it and make it more organic and stylized before taking it to color, still a nice start though I think.