Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sack Hop continued

Sack Hop Animation from Mlong128ir on Vimeo.

Here is my latest version of the sack hop taking into consideration many of the notes Mike gave me on the last two. This one actually is about the 5th version of this particular hop if you take into account all those eraser marks you can see at the beginning. Right now I feel it's just "good enough"mechanically but can be better overall, Mike had a few notes on this one as well and felt the bottom portion was working fine, but the upper body can use some work. The way he put it was, "You have the technical aspects down, now it's time to work on the emotional." He said next week after the holiday he will sit down with me and draw over my drawings to demonstrate exactly how he goes about doing that. I know I'll have many "A-Ha!" moments when I see him plus-ing my work as is always the case when I see him demoing. Stay tuned for the results from that in a couple weeks.

Also this time around I tried out Vimeo, I think it preserves the video quality better than Youtube. Hopefully you can all see it.


chrisallison said...

Dang, this looks great Matt. Really good mechanics.

If you could, could you tell us exactly what he thought was wrong with the upper body? I'd like to read his crits to see if I can spot the same things. I WANNA LEARN TOO!

Matthew Long said...

Hey Chris, I'm going to be getting my big crit this Friday and Mike will go more in depth with me on it. It's not the mechanics of the head or anything but in the expression and emotion, conveying thought and feeling in it. If you look at www.rainplace.net at his latest post about spacing you can see how much emotion he can get in such seemingly simple movement. I'm pretty sure it will be along those lines. Stay tuned.