Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Successful Gallery Opening!

I would like to thank everybody who was able to make it to Miyuki and my gallery opening this last Saturday night at Cal State Fullerton's Exit Gallery, we had a good time and hope you all enjoyed our work. Miyuki will be opening it this week until we take everything down Thursday evening, so feel free to drop by and take a look if you have not already.

We have sketches, flip books, our pitch we made for Nickelodeon for last year's competition (made it past the first round of eliminations but not the second), as well as some of my early childhood drawings to contrast with my current work, and a TV playing our animation that we have done in school. Here are some pictures I took after everything was finally put up.

This is the wall of animation, we have flip books to flip through as well as some of the drawings posted above for a better look.

This is a small portion of my sketch wall.

My Herobear maquette is also on display, poor guy still needs his cape.

Another portion of my sketch wall.


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Mike...'s mum said...

Been a long time since you posted any updates, but I'd really love to see how the Herobear maquette progressed! Any chance of ever seeing it in production?