Tuesday, March 20, 2007

More pictures of the gallery

This is my fiancee' Miyuki's sketch wall, she included her wonderful life drawings in hers, and most of the flip books are hers as well.

Here's my sketch wall, including my Herobear maquette and my Shere Khan maquette which is still very much a work-in-progress.

Another closer view.


Tal Moscovici said...
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Erika Chansaw said...

AMAZING SHOW BOTH OF YOU! I was as Cartoon Net but didn't see you! I was able to stop by on thurs and you and miyuki are some of the best animators leaving csuf! so inspiring!

Anonymous said...

hey matthew,

thanks a lot for your nice comment on my blog! Very much appreciated!

I love the wall full of sketches. Nice idea!!!! Keep up the good work!


Sal Lopez said...

Dude Matt!

You were gone for like 10 weeks dude! I thought you won the lotto and moved to tahiti or something!

Anyway, Please guard that DVD w/ your life! it belongs to my niece! and she will kick my shins if I don't bring it back.

Hope all is well over the CNS.

PMC said...

that was a great show,
Now update your blog!