Saturday, March 17, 2012

MotorCity Disney XD

Hey everybody who still subscribes to my blog. The show I worked on most recently doing storyboard revisions for premieres April 30th on Disney XD called "MotorCity." You can see a few terribly short snippets of it in this Disney XD Spring trailer:

Also there is a free iPhone/iPad game that was just released for it and can be downloaded in the App Store.

There isn't much marketing for the show yet, but rest assured it looks amazing. The entire animation production (except for the 3D car models) is being done in the US with some animation being freelanced to Canada but most of it being done in-house at Titmouse Inc. in Flash. They're doing an awesome job and I can't recall the last time an action series was animated here, and our crew killed it, some awesome action sequences in there. So please check it out.


A Lonely Weeaboo said...

Looks kickass

Tal Moscovici said...

Post somethiiiiiing!!!!! :)