Saturday, March 17, 2012

MotorCity Disney XD

Hey everybody who still subscribes to my blog. The show I worked on most recently doing storyboard revisions for premieres April 30th on Disney XD called "MotorCity." You can see a few terribly short snippets of it in this Disney XD Spring trailer:

Also there is a free iPhone/iPad game that was just released for it and can be downloaded in the App Store.

There isn't much marketing for the show yet, but rest assured it looks amazing. The entire animation production (except for the 3D car models) is being done in the US with some animation being freelanced to Canada but most of it being done in-house at Titmouse Inc. in Flash. They're doing an awesome job and I can't recall the last time an action series was animated here, and our crew killed it, some awesome action sequences in there. So please check it out.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's been a long time

Sorry it's been so long. Everything has gotten so busy this last year. Animation Mentor has been a blast, been able to keep up with it barely as you'll be able to tell in this latest demo reel I put together. There are 2 sequences I didn't include in it due to them not being good enough I feel, like that fugitive animation from my previous post (that leads into the running and sliding down the cliff animation.) It and another of a guy trying to wave down a bus hit the cutting room floor this time, though I would like to polish them up 100% and include them.

My edited demo reel for May 2011. from Matt Long on Vimeo.

Currently I'm working on a 2-person dialog test, it's 350 frames long and features a clip from Something About Mary. I'm just in the blocking phase right now. This will be my final animation for Animation Mentor. The next class is the polishing and portfolio class so I'll just be making tweaks to these old ones to make them better and maybe do my own animation as well, we'll see.

In other news, Miyuki and I are expecting our first child in July so I'll have a bouncing baby boy to take care of as well. He can help keep me company while I animate at 3 in the morning.

Also my first hiatus at work begins in June (hence the premature demo reel,) it's been a fun 7 months since I started as a storyboard revisionist, I've learned a lot since then. Hopefully we get a 4th season, it looks promising especially when Activision just announced the Generator Rex video game.

So if it's another 8 months until I post again, you'll know I'll probably just be changing diapers, working, animating and trying to find time to sleep somewhere in there.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fugitive Animation - First Blocking Pass

Fugitive Animation - Blocking from Matt Long on Vimeo.

Here is the initial pass at my fugitive animation for the 1st assignment for the 3rd class of Animation Mentor. It's part 1 of 3-4 scenes that will tell a little story about this fugitive who survived his prisoner transport vehicle crashing and in the process breaking him free of his restraints.

I gave him a limp/sleepy foot to add some interest to his movement.

As for this term, my animation mentor is Martin Hopkins who has been a long time Dreamworks animator going from their older 2D projects into their 3D films. So he has a lot of experience to pull from and I think he will be a great mentor this term like Drew was last term.

In other news, I have a new job. I am no longer a Production Assistant, I'm now a Storyboard Revisionist for Generator Rex. So now I get to draw all day for a living, finally! Now I can keep improving my 2D drawing skills and 3D animation skills without any of that paperwork stuff getting in the way, I'm looking forward to it.

See ya next week.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Animation Mentor Class 2 recap

Animation Mentor Class 2 Reel from Matt Long on Vimeo.

I'm back in town and caught up with everything so I finally had time to try to figure out why Vimeo kept dropping frames on my class 2 reel. So here it is, hopefully it's running smooth for everyone. Now fully rendered. Ooooh colors.

Class 3 began last week, and I've started planning my next scene. This time we can link up all the scenes this term to work as a mini short film if we like. So I'm going to work in the junkyard scene from class 2 to make it 4 scenes long and hopefully make a nice little sequence out of it.

Meet Stewie, the escaped convict. He'll be running from the cops, so we'll see how that goes for him.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Class 2 - Final Assignment

Run and Turn - Final from Matt Long on Vimeo.

Here is how my run and turn animation turned out (sorry, Vimeo added some frames from the end to the beginning for some reason and made some textures pop at the end for some reason.) I want to add a head turn in the run before the slide so that he's looking around then notices the dog and then anticipates into the slide. Also I want to animate the dog fully.

That's it as far as assignments for Class 2 of Animation Mentor, now it's off to Class 3, more body mechanics all with the same character.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

1 Week Left

Run and reverse direction - refining from Matt Long on Vimeo.

So here's my animaion as it currently stands. I have one more week until it is due, and a little under a half week after that to make any final adjustments for the end of term progress reel. So this week is going to be pretty much getting in there and getting the beginning all splined and polished up, and fix some spacing issues in the run and then really refine the movement and timing of the slide and run at the end, that part is still pretty rough. This week I've shown it in a few different views to see it from static camera, the first is the one that matters though.